Earth & Vine


These sweet and savory jams are great additions to sandwiches, meats,
yogurt, crackers, and various cheeses, such as brie, or goat cheese.

Spicy Apple Ginger Jam Blackberry Peach Jam Peach Chipotle Jam
Raspberry Jalapeno Jam Meyer Lemon Pear Marmalade Jam Blueberry Straberry Jam
Finishing Sauces

The sweet banana sauce is great as a drizzle on top of pancakes, ice cream and other deserts
The savory tangerine sauce is great with various rich cheeses such as gorgonzola and goat cheese

Caribbean Banana Caramel Finishing Sauce Tangerine Fig Balsamic Finishing Sauce
Cooking Sauce Provisions and Vinaigrettes

These savory sauces are great with grilled prawns and fish, as well as
chicken, pork, and even for salads.

Mango Tequila Jalapeno Papaya Chili Pineapple
Key Lime Tangerine Chili Honey Pear Vinaigrette