All of our handcrafted product are made with fresh ingredients and without preservatives.
We suggest keeping ganache-filled chocolates in a cool, dry place, and out of direct sunlight.
If you would like to keep your chocolates refrigerated, please keep them in a sealed container with moisture packs, and bring them to room temperature before enjoying them.

Ganache-filled chocolates should be eaten within 10 days.

Fruity Chocolates
Raspberry Gem Dark chocolate and raspberry ganache
Blueberry Amore Dark chocolate ganache & blueberry puree
Passionate Lust & La Passione Passionfruit & white chocolate ganache
Sunny Bee Dark chocolate lemon ganache with a hint of honey
Raspberry Crisp Dehydrated raspberry bits in white chocolate disc
Passionfruit Crisp Dehydrated passionfruit bits in white chocolate disc
Golden Greed Orange ganache and chopped cranberries in dark chocolate
Strawberry Fields Strawberry & dark chocolate ganache
LemonVender Lemon & lavender ganache in dark chocolate
Vanilla aux Framboise Raspberry puree and vanilla bean in a white chocolate ganache
Cherry Blossom Cherry & dark chocolate ganache
Pomegranate Desire Pomegranate & dark chocolate ganache
Aloha Pineapple & Coconut ganache in white chocolate
Pear Gingerly Pear ganache with candied ginger bits in dark chocolate
Lemon Cheesecake White chocolate yoghurt ganache with a tart flavour