All of our handcrafted product are made with fresh ingredients and without preservatives.
We suggest keeping ganache-filled chocolates in a cool, dry place, and out of direct sunlight.
If you would like to keep your chocolates refrigerated, please keep them in a sealed container with moisture packs, and bring them to room temperature before enjoying them.

Ganache-filled chocolates should be eaten within 10 days.

Alcohol Chocolates
Sin2 Dark chocolate ganache with various alcohols in a plastic vial
Marnier Mirth Grand marnier ganache with candied orange bits in dark chocolate
Amaretto Azteca Amaretto ganache in dark chocolate
Double Citron Lemon & orange ganache with a hint of lemon vodka in dark chocolate
Tropical Sloth White chocolate malibu rum ganache rolled in toasted coconut bits
Bailey's Charm Bailey's irish cream & dark chocolate ganache